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How is the connection between the Scooter and the App established?
How is the connection between the Scooter and the App established?
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The connection between the scooter and the App is established via bluetooth. When the bluetooth is not activated on your phone, the App will automatically ask you to switch it on to connect to your scooter.

Connecting your Scooter through the App

The app connection to the scooter is done through the App's internal bluetooth connectivity. The connectivity process is started once you are logged into the app. It works as follows:

  1. Login or Create an Account on the App

    Click the "Get Started" button once opening the app. Create an Account or Login to an existing Riley Scooters Account.

  2. Activate Your Scooter

    When standing next to your scooter, Turn on the Scooter and keep your phone nearby. Click the "Continue" button.

3. Choose Your Model

Choose your Model, ensure you select the correct model of your device as this cannot be changed once selected. Note: To change your model after connection is successful, you will have to reset the app.

4. Enable Bluetooth Connectivity

Click the "Proceed" button and enable Bluetooth Connectivity. This will automatically start the Bluetooth Connectivity Process.

5. Finding your Scooter

Once Bluetooth is Enabled, the app will automatically start finding your scooter. Once connected you will see the map with your location.

My Scooter is not connecting

To troubleshoot this issue, ensure that your devices Bluetooth is turned on, along with the app having permission to connect with the scooter. These can be confirmed within your devices settings panel on your device.

If connectivity issues persist. Close the app fully, and ensure the Bluetooth Symbol on the scooter is not showing. Restart the Scooter and reopen the app, if the bluetooth symbol is showing on the scooter after this process, the app is connected.

If additional issues persist, contact our Support Team.

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