After-Sales Services
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If you ever need help with your scooter, we'll ensure you solve any issue as quickly and easily as possible.

My scooter needs repairing - how can I get it fixed?

Step 1: Head to the Riley Scooters App to diagnose the issue.

  • First, head to your Riley Scooters app > Support

  • Here, you will be able to self-diagnose the issue or find information on how to fix it.

  • If the issue is not fixable using a self-diagnosed option, follow to step two.

Step 2: We'll help connect you with the best solution to get you back riding again.

Digital or App issues

Here, our technical team will help to fix your scooter or app remotely, and you'll be good to go.

Mechanical issues

For mechanical issues (e.g. issues with brakes, wheels, lights etc) you do not require a Riley Scooters specific technician and we will help you find the easiest local solution.

  1. First, we can send you any spare parts that you might need. Once you have the parts (or if they're widely available in local stores), you can either use a local shop, one of our dedicated partner repair shops, or if you are handy, help you with self-repair.

  2. If the issue is covered under warranty, we will connect you with an authorized Riley Scooters repair shop who will fix the issue and have the relevant parts.

Where can I get maintenance for my scooter?

If you need maintenance for your scooter, the best solution is to contact our support team who can provide you with information on how to organize a repair. You can request a repair here.

If your scooter was recently purchased, contact the retailer you purchased the scooter from.

For standard maintenance like a puncture, you can simply order a replacement tire. Most bike shops in your area will be able to help you. Just make sure that the bike shop is familiar with a hydraulic brake system.

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