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In which road/weather/conditions can I use a Riley Scooters vehicle?
In which road/weather/conditions can I use a Riley Scooters vehicle?
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Can I use my scooter in winter or in high temperatures?

The scooter battery works quite normally for temperatures usually felt in Europe. Specifically, below -10°C, the scooter will not start. Between -10 °C and 0 °C, it will lose a little in efficiency compared to normal conditions. But between 0 °C and 35 °C it will operate normally. Exceeding 35 °C, your scooter will also lose some power.

As long as the temperatures are between 0 °C and 35 °C, your scooter will therefore work normally. In case of lower temperatures, your scooter's power might decrease or not start if temperatures drop too much in the negatives.

In some regions, extreme heat and very high humidity rates may cause harm to the scooter and affect the general performances. For Australia users: Checking the weather along your journey is the best way to ensure you use the scooter within its temperature operating limits. High humidity levels can cause damage to the scooter, and should be avoided when operating your scooter.

What is the recommended maximum weight for the bike?

Riley Scooter models are certified for a maximum loading weight of 120kg. If the load on the scooter is higher, it will affect the performance and possibly harm or damage the scooter. Using the scooter above the advised loading weight limits is not covered by Warranty.

What temperature can I store my scooter in?

The scooter can be stored between -10°C upto 35°C to prevent a higher deterioration of battery life. In colder and hotter climates we recommend storing your scooter inside.

Can I use my scooter in the forest / on tracks?

Riley Scooters scooters and bikes are made for urban riding. Therefore, the scooter does not have suspension for example, which can be uncomfortable on very bumpy paths.

We advise not using the scooter off-road or on forest tracks, as this can cause damage to the components of your scooter.

Can I safely use my bike under (heavy) rain? Is it safe for the battery to ride under (heavy) rain?

It is absolutely fine to use the bike under the rain; after all, our scooters are designed in England where the rain is definitely present.

We only suggest not to remove the battery from the scooter in the rain. Indeed, the connectors always need to remain dry, and they are protected when the battery dustproof rubber is securely closed over the charge port and the battery is securely connected with the scooter.

If the connectors get wet, please make sure to first completely dry the scooter out before putting the battery in or turning on the scooter, otherwise it may damage the battery and scooter.

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